Claire Turner has worked with Tish Fearn for many years. Back in 1994, she severely damaged a bone in her thoracic vertebrae following a fall from her horse whilst jumping a cross-country fence.

“For nearly three months I couldn’t walk, run, ride cycle or go to the gym, in fact the only exercise I could take had to be overseen by my physiotherapist or doctor,” explains Claire.

“I was prescribed various painkillers and steroids to keep the pain and discomfort at bay and had to undergo physiotherapy sessions several times a week to help ease the muscle spasms caused by my injury.”

“I could only keep away from the horses for so long and, after 18 months and against the advice of my physio, I was back at the stable yard doing the job I loved.”

“Mucking out 11 horses with traditional implements would see me in excruciating pain and would lead to me being laid up as I could neither sit nor stand because of the pain. When Tish came up with the idea for the Lite-Lift shavings fork and shovel, we couldn’t wait for the prototype to be made so we could field test it. I was particularly interested in testing the Lite-Lift to see if it would have an effect on my back.”

“When the prototype finally arrived I couldn’t believe the difference it made to the task. During the trial period of using the Lite-Lift I have seen a dramatic change to my routine and the strain on my back is greatly reduced thanks to the fact that the Lite-Lift can be adjusted to suit my own individual requirements. Mucking out also takes half the time it used to!”

“My spine is still weak, running and other sports jar my back and can cause severe spasms. I still ride occasionally but rarely do any jumping. I have had to give up a lot, but I am very grateful that I am still able to have contact with the horses in the form of teaching, clipping and turning out horses for shows – I am even in the process of breaking in three Newforest ponies!”

“Mucking out is one of the key tasks involved with keeping horses and even though it is an arduous task, any time I can spend with the horses is an added bonus. The Lite-Lift has enabled me to continue with such tasks and, as I’m not spending so much time at the physiotherapist centre anymore, I can be outside with the animals doing the job that I adore,” concludes Claire.